The Art of Tea Ceremonies

I have always preferred tea to coffee. Waking up with a steaming cup of Earl Greyer or relaxing in the evening with a cup of Chamomile tea is my favorite way to start and end the day. I have to admit that I would drink my tea without giving it much thought. It just became another thing in my routine. Earlier this year I was introduced to the Japanese Tea Ceremony. This got me thinking about what rituals various cultures have with tea.

China: (The Art of Tea) the ceremonial preparation of tea leaves in  clay pots and cups served in bamboo boxes.

Japan: (The Way of Tea)  the tea ceremony in meant to bring people together. It may last several hours and also may be paired with a light meal.

England: (Afternoon Tea)  in addition  to the tea this ceremony includes sandwiches and pastries. It is often prepared and served in the afternoon. Hence how it got it’s name Afternoon Tea or sometimes referred to as High Tea

When performing a tea ceremony at home I always keep the following in mind.

  • Clearing the space both physically and energetically. I will burn a bit of sage while preparing get my tea.
  • Pick your favorite tea. I prefer a loose leaf tea.
  • Use your prettiest tea set or mug.
  • Most importantly is to savor the flavor of the tea as you drink it.

A large part of the tea certea timeemony is to be mindful within each step you perform. Heating the water, pouring the water over the tea,  letting it steep and finally enjoying the tea are all important steps. Making these adjustments to the way you prepare and drink your tea can create a whole new experience. If you choose to try the Tea Ceremony I would love to know your thoughts on it.

When clients wish to share their birth story with me I will always pair it with the tea ceremony. It make for a beautiful setting for releasing and sealing one’s birth experience. You can find out more about how journaling my help to heal your birth experience here.