Honoring Your Birth With Ceremony

In many societies birth has become a little misguided- babies are conceived, carried and birthed but the beauty, power and significance of these stages become hidden. In our American culture this is very much the case. Women often times are rushed back into the work force. Some even as early as 4-6 weeks postpartum. Through this rush to get back to the routine the holistic significance of what a woman has endured for the past 9-10 months gets devalued and side-tracked. Often times this can leave in its place a broken path and sense of trauma.


It is through ceremony that many cultures have used for generations that we will find honor, respect, and nourishment for the whole birth process. The most important aspect of this process being the vulnerability  of a woman as she transitions into motherhood.

Honoring and closing one’s birth process is critical for many reasons.

  • Energetically it finishes the birth process
  • Physically it heals  the body
  • Spiritually is prepares the for the step into motherhood.


What does an honoring ceremony look like?

In the co1432924490097mfort of the woman’s home the ceremony will begin with a ceremonial cleansing bath to honor and recognize the mother’s strength and sacrifice she endured birthing her child.

Once she has emerged from her bath A therapeutic massage will be performed with warming oils. The massage will end with an abdominal hot stone press massage. This is performed with a hot stone and healing herbs. With the massage complete the mother is now ready for the Tuck In Sealing Ceremony.tuck in

After resting comfortably the honoring ceremony finishes with an application of a belly Firming paste followed by a Bengkung Belly Binding Session. Once the woman is bound and feels adequately supported she will walk a path lined with rose petals and be presented with her baby. She is now ready to fully step into her tole as a mother.

The mother will be left witbelly bindingh a special journal in which she may write her birth story. At a date of her choosing a tea ceremony will be prepared as a backdrop to listen to yer birth experience.

Remember we all deserve to be honored for our unique experiences. Weather you are preparing to be a first time mother,  have had multiple children, or perhaps your children are grown. It is never to late to honor your body for the service it has provided. tea time


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