The postpartum period is a vital phase of pregnancy. It is sometimes referred to as the 4th trimester. Encompassing the first 6-8 weeks after pregnancy, it is within this time that the body starts to return to its pre-baby state. The uterus is shrinking, the organs are shifting back into place, and the hormones are starting to shift. Bodywork during this time period can be a great way to facilitate your body’s healing process.  In many cultures nurturing the mother post birth is essential to ending every pregnancy. Unfortunately, in some cultures this time period is essentially forgotten. The focus has quickly shifted from mother to baby and often times the physical and emotional state of the new mother suffers. It is our mission to bring focus back to the mother during this healing time.

How does postpartum care differ from “regular” massage?

Through a combination of ancient practices of healing heat, warming herbs, belly binding, gentle cleansing, therapeutic massage and emotional expression we will provide a space for you to honor your body and its healing for the work involved throughout the pregnancy.

Ceremonial Cleansing Bath: A soothing soak that symbolically cleanses the body after a woman gives birth.

Traditional Belly Binding: The act of binding the belly physically contributes to the healing of the abdomen while providing support to the weakened muscles.

Tuck-In Sealing Ceremony: A ceremony that symbolically honors the body and seals the void the baby has left after making his/her journey into the world.

Birth Story Tea Ceremony: A vital part to sealing the emotional aspect of ones’ birth is to tell the story. Over an afternoon of tea this ceremony allows the mother to do just that.

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