“Babies are a great way to make people.” ~Unknown


Congratulations and Welcome to your new baby! Your journey of becoming a parent is finally complete. Now is the time for a new journey to begin. This is the journey of learning everything your little one has to teach you. At MOMASSAGE Conception, Birth, and Beyond we are here to offer support to parents, caregivers and to the new arrivals themselves.

Welcoming Baby:

In many different cultures the birth of a child has been celebrated by parents and families as a way to bless, welcome and give gratitude for their safe arrival.

A Welcoming Ceremony gives family and friends an opportunity to do just that. Gathering together to give thanks and welcoming the child into their hearts, lives and the world. The child is honored and celebrated with words of love and vows of commitment and love.

Each ceremony is custom tailored to reflect  the family’s beliefs and hope for their child. We work together  to create the perfect and meaningful ceremony that you will cherish always.

Infant Massage:

Giving your child the gift of massage has many benefits. Most importantly is the bonding that occurs between parent and child.
Through instruction you will be able to help your child:

•    Develop  trust and confidence
•    Achieve mind and body awareness
•    Relieve gas and colic
•    Relieve growing pains and muscular tension
•    Relieve teething discomfort