Healing Birth Through Journaling

I think we can all agree that the act of giving birth triggers all sorts of reactions. There’s physical, emotional and mental strain that takes place. In the weeks that follow; a mama’s body is healing and processing all of these changes. In the upcoming posts I will be sharing an in depth look at ways of healing the various aspects of birth.


This post is dedicated to journaling. Particularly, journaling one’s birth experience. Below are my top 3 reasons to journal your child’s birth story.


  1. Processes the emotional aspects of birth
  2. Aides in recovering from giving birth
  3. Makes a beautiful gift for your child.


You may be asking how does the simple act of writing help a woman physically heal from giving birth? It is quite simple really. Studies show that emotions are often stored in your body. Your body has memory. When something happens such as giving birth your body will mentally and physically remember it. When you put your pen to paper and write out your emotions your body starts to release what is stored. Here are a few tips to remember when journaling your story.


  1. Write all aspects. The good, bad and ugly. Birth is an amazing and beautiful thing but let’s face it sometimes it can be an amazing beautiful hot mess 🙂
  2. Don’t worry about punctuation or grammar.
  3. Include pictures (pregnancy pictures, birth pictures, most importantly pictures of your little one)
  4. Write in 10-20 minute spurts. It’s OK if you don’t get your whole story out in one sitting.


When you havbirth journale finished writing your birth story I encourage you to share it with someone. While the act of writing the story works to release emotions. Giving it a voice will help to emotionally close the birth experience. You can view my birth experience here.


If drinking tea is your thing then you may want to consider sharing your story over an afternoon tea ceremony. Check back in two weeks for the upcoming article dedicated to various tea ceremonies around the world and how to use it as the perfect back drop for sharing your birth experience.