Closing Birth Through Tucking-In

As I have mentioned in previous posts  a woman’s body separates in various places. The rib cage separates to accommodate the abdominal organs as they move upward, the abdominal muscles separate to give the baby more growing room, and the pelvis separates as the baby positions  ittuck inself for the birth journey. This separation plays a important role during pregnancy. After the birth has taken place it is vital to seal and close the separation both spiritually and physically.


In the Latin culture  a  “tuck-in” ceremony  is preformed to symbolically  close a woman’s birth. In this tradition the woman receives:

  • A warming  oil application
  • A placement of warm flax seed packs over key points to of the body
  • The warming packs are held in place by lightly tied scarves with a blessing given at each point
  • The woman will rest in the warm c acorn while the “closes”.


A tuck in sealing ceremony is typically performed in the days/weeks following birth. Although it is never to late to seal one’s birth experience.