Cleansing Your Body Through Ceremonial Bathing

In many ancient cultures ceremonial bathing plays a large role in closing the birth process. Baths are typically performed 40 days after a woman gives birth. By this point the woman has finished shedding her lochia.


A traditional Maylay Floral Bath consists of a few factors.

  • A variety of flowers are used as a symbol of washing away the smell of blood and restoring a feminine fragrance
  • Citrus limes are used for cleansing the body and spirit.
  • Rose water is used as a symbolism of achievement, completion and perfection.


Another option for a bath your be the Milk and Honey Cleansing Bath.

  • Almond milk is added for richness and honey is used to soften and moisturize the skin.
  • Citrus limes are you for cleansing the body and spirit
  • Roses water is used to symbolize achievement, completion and perfection.


When performing a ceremonial bath at home remember to keep these tips in mind.

  1. Cleanse the space in which you will be taking your bath. I like to burn a bundle of sage.
  2. Choose whatever music relaxes you. I am partial to Enya.
  3. Prepare whichever bath feels right to you at the time.
  4. I recommend adding candles and a bouquet of fresh flowers to the room.


Once your bath is prepared I encourage you to turn out the lights. As you are soaking in


the bath take in the smell of the limes, the fragrance of the flowers, the soft lighting from the candles and the relaxing music. Thank your body for the service it has provided in carrying and bringing a new life into this world. Visualize your body releasing any lingering physical and emotional stress associated with your birth process. Remember you are a strong loving and beautiful mother to a very special little person.