Bride Honoring Ceremony

When you think of the long list of things that need to be done when preparing for a wedding it can become very overwhelming. Although I have yet to be the bride I have been in my share of weddings to see this first hand. There’s the dress, location, flowers, invitations…. Finally, towards the end comes a bit of fun with celebrating the bride. Last weekend I had the pleasure of performing a Bride Honoring Ceremony that I created for a dear friend of mine. It was very heart warming to see a group of women come together to praise, care for and honor another as she prepares to take the next step in her journey.

The ceremony started with the guest of honor receiving a half hour massage. She was under a lot of stress with how everything was coming together and had never had received a massage before.  When she came out of the relaxing massage she was presented with a lovely floral crown made by the other ladies. Wearing the crown of flowers Resized_20160724_152851symbolizes the feminine goddess that is in each of us.

Each of the girls then presented her with a message stone; explaining why they chose that word for her. They shared a memory of themselves with the bride. Some were funny while others were sentimental but what made them special is that they were uniquely personal. At the end of the presentations each girl give the bride to be a blessing to accompany her as she continues her journey.

The next part of the ceremony is something just for the bride. I performed a fear release ritual for her. For this she wrote dowPART_1469471442891_Resized_20160724_154903n whatever fears or stresses she had in any area of her life. It didn’t have to be wedding related. After she was done writing we then burned  the paper while visualizing the stress and fear releasing with the flames.

The end of the ceremony unites the girls with strings. We created a web of yarn the connected each girl as they wrapped it around their ankles. Once every one was connected, stResized_20160724_160728(1)arting with the bride, they one by one cut the yarn and tied it to create an anklet. The ladies will stay united with the anklets being wore until the day of the wedding to symbolize being their for her on her journey.

I am so thankful I was able to offer this to my friend. One of the things I am very passionate about is bringing ceremony into every occasion. Often times we get caught up in what is expected of us that we lose sight of the real meaning. A Bride Honoring Ceremony deeper level of celebration to a woman’s journey.

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